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  4. VALUE Hand Bundling Stretch Wrap Rolls 5" x 1000' 80 gauge Mini Banding Stretch Film Roll:12
VALUE Hand Bundling Stretch Wrap Rolls 5
VALUE Hand Bundling Stretch Wrap Rolls 5' x 1000' 80 gauge Mini Banding Stretch Film Roll:12

VALUE Hand Bundling Stretch Wrap Rolls 5" x 1000' 80 gauge Mini Banding Stretch Film Roll:12

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1 Case: $35.99 per case pack:12 rolls
5 Cases: $35.99 per case pack:12 rolls
10 Cases: $35.99 per case pack:12 rolls
25 Cases: $35.99 per case pack:12 rolls
Elevate your packaging and shipping capabilities with our 5" x 1000' x 80 Gauge Clear Narrow Width Banding Film. This exceptional product not only offers a secure grip but also features self-adhering properties, providing high-tensile strength as it firmly clings to itself, completely eliminating the need for tape or heat sealing. Additionally, it includes a convenient built-in handle for ease of use. Known as Stretch Wrap or stretch film, it presents the ultimate solution for safeguarding your valuable items and shipments. This 80 Gauge pre-stretched film, equivalent to .8 mil and 20.3 microns, is exceptionally durable and tear-resistant, even when dealing with sharp corners
Our Narrow Width Stretch Film is meticulously crafted for the specific purpose of securely bundling small and lightweight products for shipping. It outpaces traditional options such as tape, strapping, or twine in terms of both speed and cost-effectiveness.

Key Features:
Secure and Versatile: Crafted from high-quality, highly stretchable plastic film, our Stretch Wrap effortlessly wraps around various items. Its exceptional elastic recovery guarantees a snug and secure fit, preventing any unwelcome shifts during transit.
Tough and Reliable: Bid farewell to concerns about punctures and tears. Engineered to be puncture and tear-resistant, our Stretch Wrap offers superior stretch-ability and an outstanding cling factor. It acts as a protective barrier against dirt and moisture, ensuring your shipments arrive in pristine condition.
Efficient and Cost-effective: Say goodbye to the inconvenience of using tape, strapping, or twine. Our lightweight Stretch Wrap clings to itself, eliminating the need for additional tape and streamlining the bundling process for increased efficiency and cost savings.
Residue-Free: Rest assured that our Stretch Wrap leaves no sticky residues on your products, ensuring they arrive at their destination as clean and fresh as when they left your hands.
Perfect for Various Applications: Whether you're wrapping pallets of different sizes or bundling smaller items and boxes, our Stretch Wrap rises to the occasion. With a generous roll length of up to 1000 feet and a width of 5 inches, it proves to be a versatile choice for all your packaging needs.
Upgrade your packaging process today with our Stretch Wrap and relish the ultimate in convenience and reliability. Opt for quality, choose efficiency – opt for our Stretch Wrap with a built-in handle.
Make each shipment a secure and hassle-free experience. Place your order now and embark on the journey to enhance your packaging game!

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