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  4. VALUE Hand Bundling Stretch Wrap Rolls 3" x 1000' 80 gauge Mini Banding Stretch Film Roll:18
VALUE Hand Bundling Stretch Wrap Rolls 3
VALUE Hand Bundling Stretch Wrap Rolls 3' x 1000' 80 gauge Mini Banding Stretch Film Roll:18

VALUE Hand Bundling Stretch Wrap Rolls 3" x 1000' 80 gauge Mini Banding Stretch Film Roll:18

SKU: USPP-15166 (ID:3223)
Price $34.99
1 Case: $34.99 per case pack:18 rolls
5 Cases: $34.99 per case pack:18 rolls
10 Cases: $34.99 per case pack:18 rolls
25 Cases: $34.99 per case pack:18 rolls
Elevate your packaging and shipping efficiency with our versatile 3" x 1000' x 80 Gauge Clear Narrow Width Banding Film. This high-tensile strength film boasts self-adhering properties, eliminating the need for tape or heat sealing, making your packaging process a breeze. It not only securely holds your items but also acts as a protective shield, keeping dust, dirt, and moisture at bay in your warehouse. The crystal-clear finish ensures easy identification during shipping, and its residue-free nature maintains the cleanliness of your products. This 80 Gauge pre-stretched film, equivalent to .8 mil and 20.3 microns, is exceptionally durable and tear-resistant, even when dealing with sharp corners. Plus, for added convenience, each roll includes 1 plastic dispenser, allowing for faster wrapping and seamless handling.
Key Features:
Unmatched Durability: Our Stretch Wrap is engineered to withstand punctures and tears, even when dealing with irregular loads and sharp corners. This robust protection ensures the safe transit of your valuable items.
Ease of Use: Wrapping and unwrapping boxes and loads has never been easier. This stretch film is designed for hassle-free application and removal, making your packaging process smoother and more efficient.
Ultimate Security: Keep your items and shipments securely bound with our highly stretchable plastic film. Its elastic recovery properties ensure that your packages remain tightly secured throughout their journey.
Narrow Width Stretch Film: Specifically designed for bundling small, lightweight products for shipment. Use it to secure pallets for safe and dry shipping. With a generous length of up to 1000 feet and a width of 3 inches, this roll is perfect for wrapping pallets of varying sizes. It excels at bundling boxes and smaller items, making it an indispensable tool for a variety of packaging needs.
Convenient Dispenser: Each roll of our Stretch Wrap comes complete with a 3" diameter core that easily fits onto the included, free dispenser. This dispenser is essential for quick and efficient use, making it an ideal choice for busy warehouses, receiving docks, and storage facilities.
80 Gauge Thickness: This LLDPE stretch film boasts an 80-gauge thickness, ensuring it can stretch tautly around your products without the risk of easy puncture.
Additional Benefits:
Faster and More Economical: Say goodbye to the time-consuming process of using tape, strapping, or twine. Our Stretch Film offers a quicker and more cost-effective solution.
Self-Adhesive: The stretch film clings to itself, eliminating the need for additional tape. Say goodbye to messy residue on your products.
Inclusive Dispenser: Each case includes one plastic dispenser, compatible with both 3" and 5" Narrow Width Bundling Stretch Film.
Quiet Cast Technology: Enjoy the quiet and smooth application of our high-quality stretch film.
Experience the next level of packaging and shipping with our Stretch Wrap. Secure your products confidently, streamline your processes, and ensure they reach their destination intact. Make the smart choice today!

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