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Pre Stretch Cast Wrap 17.2
30 Gauge 17x1450 pre stretch wrap

Pre Stretch Cast Wrap 17.2" x 1450' 30 Gauge Hand Stretch Film Roll:4

SKU: USPP-15028 (ID:3070)
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Our 17.2" x 1450' x 30 Gauge Clear Pre-Stretch Film holds its grip and is self-adhesive. Because this film is stretched beforehand, it requires less energy and manual labor during application. This film is clear and residue-free enabling easy identification during shipping. This 30 Gauge pre-stretched film is equivalent to 7.6 mic, therefore making this more cost efficient since it allows for lower packaging costs. Our Pre-Stretch Film is very easy to use while increase your load protection. Process of Pre-Stretched Cast Film: Pre-stretched Film is right between Blown and Cast Film. Pre-Stretched film is made as co-extruded Blown Film with its main characteristics of its hazy, dull appearance with a certain amount of 'tact'. 

Benefits of Pre-Stretched Cast Film: 
  • Excellent puncture resistance 
  • Easier to apply than conventional blown and cast films 
  • Is stretched before being applied to the load 
  • Customers use less film per load dropping cost per load 
  • Quicker and easier to wrap load, saving time 
  • Made with 100% pure LLDPE 
  • Light weight 
  • Great film memory creating superior wrapping loads 
 Common Applications: 
  • All-purpose Stretch Wrap 
  • Manual warehouse applications 
  • Used for bundling small items or palletizing small loads 
  • Recommended for uniform to irregular shaped loads 
Type: Pre-Stretched Cast Film 
Weight: 14 lbs 
Width: 17.2 inches 
Gauge: 30 (7.6 Microns) 
Length of Roll: 1450 feet 
Core Size Inches: 3" core diameter 
Color Finish: Clear 
Construction: LLDPE Package 
Quantity: 4 Rolls per case 
Handle Included: No

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