Measuring Bags:

The below information is to help to guide you to a better fitting plastic bag or poly sheeting, eliminating the confusion sometimes people have when trying to determine the size of a plastic bag needed for specific tasks.  So, take out all the guess work because all you need involves having the right formula and knowing the dimensions that you are looking to cover.  In little as 3 simple steps you can know the exact size needed for your poly bag or plastic sheeting. 

3 Simple Steps to Measuring you bag:

1. Know the dimensions of the container you are looking to cover (Width x Depth x Length).

2. Know the right formula.
3. Apply the right dimensions into the formula and calculate

Cylinder Can Liners / Drum Liners / Other Round Containers


Round container sizes for flat bags can be found using Circumference(C), Diameter(D), and Height(H) of the container. Example: Let's assume the container Height(H) is 25" and the Diameter(D) is 12".

Step 1:
Circumference(C)= Diameter(D) x 3.14
   12(D) x 3.14 = 37"(C)
Step 2:
Width of Bag is found by Dividing 37"(C) by 2 and adding 1" for a looser fit.
   37"/2= 18.5" + 1" = 19.5"
Step 3:
Length of Bag= Height(H) + Diameter(D) + 5" for overhang.
     (H)25" + (D)12" + 5" = 42" 
Bag Size Needed is 20" x 42"


Square container sizes for flat bags can be found using Width(W), Depth(D), and Height(H). Depth is considered the shorter of 2 sides.

To find bags for a square container, follow the steps below:
Step 1:
Width of Bag Needed: Width(W) + Depth(D) + 2" for a looser fit. 
Step 2:
Length of Bag Needed: Height(H) + 1/2 of Depth(D) +5" for overhang. 

If container size is 14"(W) x 10"(D) x 32"(H), the formula would be:
Step 1:
14"(W) + 10"(D) + 2" = 26" Wide
Step 2:
32"(H) + 5"(1/2 of (D)) + 5" = 42" Long

Bag size needed is 26"x42"


In order to determine the bag size needed, one must measure the WIdth(W), Depth(D), and Length(L).
Step 1:
Width(W) of the Cover = Width(W) of the pallet + 1-2".
Step 2:
Depth(D) of the Cover = Depth(D) of the pallet + 1-2"
Step 3:
Length(L) of the Cover = Height(H) of the pallet + 1/2 the Depth(D)
If pallet size is 40"(W) x 36"(D) x 50"(H),
cover dimensions are 42" x 38" x 68" 


Sizes for Box Liners can be found using Width(W), Depth(D), and Height(H). The following steps allow you to determine the correct size.

Step 1:
Width(W) of the bag = Width(W) of the Box + 1".
Step 2:
Depth(D) of the bag = Depth(D) of the Box + 1".
Step 3:
Length(L) of the bag = Height(H) of the Box + Depth(D) of the Box + 6" to cover contents.
If the Box size is 18"(W) x 12"(D) x 14"(H), then the bag dimensions needed are:
19"(W) x 13"(D) x 33"(L).

Some of the advantages of getting the right bag is to save money, save time, and save the environment.  Often when purchasing a plastic bag that is too big this means you are paying for extra plastic material that is not needed.  For those who use plastic bags all day this can mean an ongoing loss from you bottom line.  On the other hand if the bag if the poly bag that is purchased is too small for you task it can be consequences that result in tears of the bag causing a mess and even damage to you product or facility.  And if saving money is not enough selecting the right size bag can also mean saving time from cleaning up the messes created by an under performing bag for a specific task.  So by just simply measuring for the right bag before making a purchasing decision can save both time and money.  Finally, last but not least selecting the right size plastic bag can also mean saving the environment.   

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