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one product at a time. US Poly Pack is a plastic bag company established in 2008 as a plastic bag manufacturer and distributor of plastic bags products. With manufacturing facilities in the US and Asia, our firm has a broad cross discipline of consumer polyethylene plastic bags and commercial polyethylene plastic products. In addition to polyethylene plastic bags, we also inventory high clarity polypropylene bags for both our consumer, commercial, and government clients.

Leaders In Customer Service
US Poly Pack focus is on quality of product and customer service. Our customers represent a broad spectrum of individual consumers, private sector, and government sector. These customers range in varying sizes and industries such as food packaging, product packaging, and consumer plastic bags. No matter the size of the purchase or industry sector, our focus is to work with each customer to meet their exact plastic bag packaging needs. With experiences in serving consumers, the private sector and government sector provides the simplicity of a one stop solution for all our customers plastic bag needs.

Product Quality

Recognizing that it is critical to focus on quality of the product, our quality control processes within our facilities works to establish that the client receive reliable and top quality plastic bags at effective pricing. We work with all our facilities to assure the bags perform at the highest standards.

Types of Plastic Bags Products Provided

With over 3,000 products in inventory we provide plastic bags for the consumer, retailers, businesses, and commercial bags. Our product lines of poly bags (such as layflat polyethylene bags and gusseted polyethylene bags), trash bags, industry specific specialty bags you can be assured we carry your needs or we will customer manufacture for your needs. CONTACT US

Services Provided
With no minimums and over 95% of all delivers process the same day our online ordering system is available to receive orders 24/7/365 with eight warehouses located in places to serve our clients. In addition to our inventory of goods our company can also provide custom solutions for those clients who do not see the specific items online and are searching for custom solutions.

Warehouse Locations

US poly currently has five locations in the United States located in Houston TX 77099, Houston TX 77029, Cleveland OH, Atlanta, Georgia 30336: Boston, Massachusetts 01564: Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52057, Dallas, Texas 75238, Reno, Nevada 89434. With options of free delivery and/or low shipping costs.

Who are our Customers
With customers from all varying sectors and different parts of the United States, Our customers come from the food industry, product packagers, government buyers, and even consumers who only need a few items. All our customers received a focus to always having high quality and reliable plastic bags in inventory ready and available with same day processing. Our customers can feel at ease knowing that they can shop and purchase their plastic bags at their fingertips. If there are any questions you can CONTACT US

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