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8 lb Ice Bags with Drawstring 11  x 18 x 1.4 mil Case:500
8 lb Ice Bags with Drawstring 11 x 18 x 1.4 mil Case:500

8 lb Ice Bags with Drawstring 11 x 18 x 1.4 mil Case:500

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8 Pounds (lb) Commercial Heavy Duty Printed Plastic Ice Bags with drawstring 11 in x 18 in x 1.4 Mil
Length:18 inches
Gauge:1.4 Mil

All of our plastic ice bags meet USDA and FDA specifications and are made from a production process that generates the best-suited ice bags. Our bags come with cotton drawstrings for easy hauling, making it convenient to transport your ice wherever you need it.

Our bags are specially designed to offer the highest clarity, low haze, highest gloss, high impact strength, and greater durability. We use a heavy gauge metallocene low-density polyethylene (LDPE) film to manufacture these bags that are formulated for freezing temperatures, greater strength, excellent puncture resistance, and rough handling.

You can tie these bags with our cotton drawstring to keep your ice securely inside.

We use a combination of EVA and metallocene to give our bags even more strength, cold storage capacity, and puncture resistance. Our 8 pound ice bags can cool approximately 22 cans, making them the perfect size for gas stations, convenience stores, liquor stores, bait shops, and grocery stores.

Order our 8 lb ice bags with drawstring today to experience the best in quality and convenience for your ice storage and transportation needs.
DISCLAIMER: Due to the vast variety of different ice cube shapes and sizes, It is not always possible to determine exactly how much ice a particular bag size would hold. For best results, consider the quoted capacity to be a general guideline; the bag will hold that much ice under typical conditions, but you may be able to fit more or less, depending on the type of ice you are bagging.

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